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The Wave Services boys are very patient, and my boys loved playing soccer with them. They were always timely, flexible, and very positive. Simultaneously, they were serious enough to keep the young boys in line and do the drills/activities assigned to them. I would highly recommend these boys as soccer and chess coaches!

My boys named the summer camp with the boys of Blue Wave services, the Fun Zone because that’s exactly what it was. Fun! They excitedly ran into camp each day and didn’t want to leave. The boys created a variety of sports activities and games that drew all participants in. They had so much energy and made every day fun for the kids in a very safe way. The boys are also very responsible and trustworthy. I highly recommend Wave Services!

The boys at blue wave services saved our summer last year! We threw ten girls at them with no direction and they put together a whole “camp” that was the highlight of everyone’s week (the girls and the parents ;). Their energy was endless putting together sports, games, relay races and even treasure hunts all while being covid conscious. The boys were always reliable and responsible. Can’t recommend them enough!

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